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Product Detail

  • EXTRA NICHE DESIGN x Mu Collaboration
  • Upper part: "Mu" and "EXTRA NICHE DESIGN" logo on the front and back
    Lower part: Design the "fourth element symbol" that composes the world
  • Compact LED light that can be used not only outdoors but also in the event of a disaster
  • Even in a dark forest or in a cave, this one is sure to be encouraging
  • Torch (flashlight): The torch part can be slid to narrow the irradiation range and illuminate farther (about 100m).
  • Lantern: You can choose two levels of brightness, warm white and warm colors, according to the scene.
  • Equipped with battery function: It can also be used as an emergency rechargeable battery to charge mobile phones. (2500mAh) If you use it together with a commercially available neck strap or carabiner (sold separately), you can wear it and illuminate a wide area.
  • Material: Aluminum (alumite coating)
  • Weight (approx.): 107g
  • Built-in battery: 2500mAh Lithium ion
  • Color temperature: Handy light White lantern Warm white / warm color
  • Irradiation distance: Approximately 100m (handy)
  • Dustproof and splashproof: IP44
  • * The 7th image is a reference image for wearing. Strap is not included.

    Size Spec

    ONE H 123 × W 26.5 × D 26.5mm

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    What is "Mu"?

    A super mystery magazine that challenges "mysteries and wonders of the world" from UFOs, UMAs, ultra-ancient civilizations, paranormal phenomena, and conspiracy theories.。