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Terms of service

EXTRA NICHE DESIGN operated by TWIM Co., Ltd. protects your personal information. Recognizing the importance, the terms of use of the service provided through the management and operation of the Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information are stipulated below. Users of this site are required to agree to all of these terms. In addition, by using this site, you agree to the following terms of use.

Article 1 (Scope and changes of this agreement) < /p>

This agreement shall apply to our company and users regarding the use of this service.

The Company shall be able to change or update this agreement without prior notice and without obtaining the consent of the user, and the user used this service after the revised date. At that time, the user considers that the content has been approved.

Article 2 (About users)

Use this site and this service after agreeing to this agreement with the user. Refers to everyone who does.

The Company shares member registration information, etc. based on the privacy policy separately set by the Company and the provisions of Article 14 of this Agreement.

By using, registering, and completing this service for the members in each item of the preceding paragraph, it is considered that you have accepted the contents of this agreement. However, in any of the following cases, the Company may not accept the membership registration application, or may cancel the consent even after the acceptance.

・ When the applicant declares a false fact

・ When the Company deems it inappropriate as a user

When a minor registers for use of this service, please obtain the consent of a legal agent (parental authority, etc.) in advance before using it.

Article 3 (Use of this service)

When using this service, the user shall comply with the provisions of this agreement and our company. This service shall be used only by the method specified by.

If you use this service for commercial activities, or if you copy, sell, publish, or use the information obtained through this service beyond personal use, we will accept your consent. Need to get.

Article 4 (Prohibited matters)

The user shall not perform the following acts when using this service. increase.

・ False statements when using this service, or the act of applying for information from a third party.

・ Acts that interfere with the operation of this service or this site, and acts that damage our credibility.

・ Intellectual property rights such as trademark rights, copyrights, design rights, patent rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, publicity rights and other rights of our company, other users, and third parties. Acts of infringement.

・ Acts that cause inconvenience, disadvantage or damage to our company, other users, and third parties, or acts that may cause them.

・The act of using this service by illegally using a credit card.

・ Acts that lead to crimes such as fraud.

・ Acts that violate laws, regulations, this agreement, or public order and morals.

・The act of falsifying or erasing the information of our company, other users, and third parties.

・The act of sending or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses.

・The act of purchasing using an automatic purchase tool and a similar program.

・ Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate.

Article 5 (Copyright)

1. Intellectual property rights such as copyrights related to the information provided on this site It belongs to our company.

2. Users of this site may not use, copy, or screen these copyrighted works for any purpose other than personal use without permission.

3. Regardless of the purpose, if any act prohibited by domestic or foreign copyright law is found, we will act under the law. We may take appropriate measures.

4. If a problem occurs in violation of this article, it shall be resolved at the responsibility of the user of this site, and we shall not be liable at all.

Article 6 (Disclaimer)

1. Our company is an internet sales service by this site. It is against the law that all information that can be acquired by the user of this service fits the specific purpose of the user and that it has the expected specifications, functions, commercial value, accuracy, usefulness, and completeness. Except in some cases, we do not guarantee anything.

2. Except for reasons attributable to us (including outsourced companies), we shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to the user or a third party by using this service or using the information or contents contained in this service.

3. In the following cases, this service may be interrupted or stopped without prior notice and consent to the user. We will not be liable for any disadvantage or damage to the user due to the following situations.

① Regular maintenance, update and emergency of this service

② It is difficult to provide this service due to unavoidable force such as fire, power failure, natural disaster, etc.

③ If it becomes difficult for us to continue to provide this service due to other unforeseen circumstances

4. Personal information entered and sent when using the service will be encrypted, stored and managed strictly, and sufficient care will be taken to protect personal information, but information leakage or loss, by a third party We do not guarantee the prevention of tampering.

5. We do not guarantee the leakage of information, except for reasons attributable to our company (including contractors). We are not responsible for any damage to the user or a third party caused by loss, alteration by a third party, etc.

6. We will send this service or from our company. We do not guarantee the safety, certainty, usefulness, up-to-dateness, legality, morality, or non-infection of computer viruses with respect to the information obtained through e-mails, etc.

7. If there is a reason to blame us for this service and the user suffers damage due to it, we will bear the liability for damages when the user purchases this product. However, this does not apply if we have intentional or gross negligence.

Article 7 (Compensation for damages)

If the user violates this agreement or causes damage to the Company in connection with the use of this service, the user shall compensate the Company for the damage.

Article 8 (Purchase of products)

Users use this service to receive products or services from our company. Can be purchased.

The user shall apply for the purchase of products and the use of services by the method specified by the Company.

In response to the application set forth in the preceding paragraph, when an email containing confirmation of receipt of the order and the details of the order is sent from this site, a sales contract for the product related to the application is made between the user and the Company. Suppose that holds.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, if there is any fraudulent or inappropriate act by the user when using this service, the Company will cancel or cancel the sales contract, or otherwise appropriate. We shall be able to take various measures.

Article 9 (Shipping of products)

The areas where products can be delivered by this service are as follows.

Japan / Asia / Oceania / North America / Central America / Middle East / Europe

We have a shipping date twice a week depending on the settlement confirmation date.

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday Orders: Thursday shipping preparation → Friday shipping
Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday orders: Monday shipping preparation → Tuesday shipping

[Delivery schedule]

Delivery schedule may change due to factory production.

Please note before and after the shipping date.

If you order multiple reserved items with different scheduled shipping dates at the same time, they will be shipped according to the last arrival date.

If you want to ship separately, please add the first item to the cart and complete the purchase before adding the next item to the cart. It will be shipped for each order.

Article 10 (Shipping and handling)

Delivery company: Yamato Transport or Sagawa Express
Shipping: Per order The following shipping fee (tax included) will be charged.

Honshu / Shikoku / Kyushu: ¥650 JPY
Hokkaido / Okinawa / remote islands: ¥1,000 JPY

Delivery date and time cannot be specified.

We will ship by EMS (Japan Post).

Please check " SHIPPING POLICY " for detailed delivery areas.

Article 11 (Payment method and payment time)

Payment method: Credit card payment is available.

Payment time: Payment will be confirmed at the time of ordering the item.

Article 12 (Special provisions regarding the return of goods)

If the goods arrive, they will be damaged immediately. Please check.

In principle, we cannot accept returns or cancellations due to customer's convenience.

Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.

・ Products that have been used for more than 8 days after arrival

・ Products that the customer has used once

・ Customers are damaged or soiled Products that have been processed

・ Products that have been processed or repaired by the customer

・ When accessories such as product boxes, tags, and manuals are soiled, damaged, or lost

We are not responsible for any troubles such as damage or loss of the items inside due to the situation at the time of delivery.

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we will not be able to refund the price.

Regarding cancellation of made-to-order products and reserved products, we do not accept basic cancellations.

Article 13 (Notes)

The color of the product may differ from the actual product depending on the monitor environment and computer specifications. increase.

・ The size of the same product may differ slightly depending on the color.

・ There may be a difference of about 3 cm between the size notation and the actual product.Please note that.

・ We do not accept bundled delivery service for multiple orders.

Article 14 (Handling of personal information)

Regarding the personal information of users acquired by us regarding the use of this service, we Shall comply with the "Privacy Policy" separately set forth.

We use the personal information of users of this site for the following purposes.

・ Notification of matters necessary for the operation of this site (including by e-mail)

・ Sending e-mail newsletter

・Information on brands, products and stores

・ Information on various special treatments and services such as events

・ Implementation of questionnaires

・ Shipping of products

・ Calculation, billing, and settlement of product prices

・ Response to various inquiries and requests

・ Investigation, analysis, and service development of marketing data

In providing this service, we mainly acquire the following information about users of this site.

・ Information acquired by using this service including name, postal code, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.

・ Users access the Internet Information automatically obtained by accessing this site, including the IP address used at the time, browser type, version operating system information, and other access information recorded using cookies.

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, we handle personal information and implement safety measures such as information security measures to correct and prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information.

We will not disclose your personal information to a third party except for the purpose of Paragraph 1 of this Article or as provided in the Personal Information Protection Law.

[Inquiries regarding the protection of personal information]

For inquiries regarding personal information, please contact the following.